Welcome to

A podcast about love and relationships; specifically, ours.

We are Aaron and Leslie, a married couple with a Labrador Retriever named Leila, two full time jobs, a mortgage, bills, and very little spare time in between.  We have been married since October 2008, and over the years we’ve worked hard to make time for our marriage.

In the Fall of 2016, we realized that we needed to do more than the occasional date – dinner, movie, etc. – to invest in our relationship, and we decided to host a podcast.  But what would that podcast be about?  We decided to go all the way back to 2007, the beginning of our relationship; when we first started dating.

Thanks to Leslie’s obsession with journals, our entire dating relationship is chronicled in a somewhat large, lime-green journal.  Every week Leslie will be reading from her journal entries, then we’ll talk about what was happening in our relationship at that point in time.

On this podcast, you will hear laughter, tears, some on-record arguing, and the occasional emotional roller-coaster; after all, this is what love is all about.