Episode 067: It’s the Joey Show

In this week’s episode, we get a little carried away with our new illustrator.  Exactly how many times do we say Joey’s name?  Leslie happily reads some comments we received over the week.  We also talk about how, after almost 10 years of marriage, Leslie can still surprise Aaron; like knowing what Reddit is and how to use it!  And Aaron mentions how he’s excited for Doree Shafrir’s book “Startup: A Novel” that’s finally coming out in paperback.  You can listen to Doree at Eggcellent Adventure, and Forever35.  THANK YOU for listening :0)

Shout out to Abraham our waiter from Russo’s.  You’re awesome!

Check out this week’s artwork – “It’s the Joey Show!”

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Music by: Josh Woodward (listen to more of Josh’s work at Josh Woodward Music on Soundcloud.com)

Illustrations by: Joey de la Garza (see more of Joey’s work at joey_tries_to_draw on Instagram)

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So This Is Love
So This Is Love
Episode 067: It's the Joey Show

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